Ingenious Execution of an ’80s Throwback

TekForce, an artist out of the Dallas, Texas area, is a child of the ’80s. He loves anime, video games, and is deeply…


Definitely Not Another Eminem

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The Talent of GGR Brings Us Something Bright and Hopeful

GGR, or, “God’s Gift Records” is a small label founded in January 2018 by C.E.O. Dante Jones (AKA, Tae Jay) who is out…


Bringing Neo-Soul and Lyricism Back To The Game

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Chris Snakes: A Lyrically “KYLE-Type” Meets “Kendrick-Lite”

Chris Snakes, an artist who is classified as R&B but is more like hip hop-lite,…


TRU-G: A True Gangsta, A True G.O.A.T.

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Man Q: New From The South African Scene

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A Not-So-Bumpy Road Ahead For Bumpy 103

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