Revisiting C.D.J

22-year-old Connor Johnson, who goes by the artist name C.D.J., is out of Lake Orion, Michigan, and is extremely new to the industry….


Donnie B. Brings Smooth Bedroom Vibes

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High Marks for “High Hopes”

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O.M.S. By Literally Any Lil

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Anxious to See What Scarlet Parke Does Next

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Scoundrel Spence Goes Ham (Sammich)

 The track “Ham Sammich” is a…


Leading The New South African Wave in Hip Hop

Today I’m bringing everyone another exciting artist out of South Africa. I’ve been noticing a…


My Ears Need a Bandaid

New Wave artist lilbootycall, (too cool for spaces or capital lettering, apparently), is blowing up on social media. The way…


We Need Kayo Kano Right Now

 Born in Austin, Texas in 1991 and moving to…


Ricky Bombay and Mad Capital: A Trio of Triple Threats

Ricky Bombay has been in the game a respectably long time. After eight years of…