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Ingenious Execution of an ’80s Throwback

TekForce, an artist out of the Dallas, Texas area, is a child of the ’80s. He loves anime, video games, and is deeply…


Revisiting Scottie Armonie: One Of My Favorite Artists

Today we will be revisiting one of my favorite artists, Scottie Armonie. If I ever made it as an artist in this industry,…


The Talent of GGR Brings Us Something Bright and Hopeful

GGR, or, “God’s Gift Records” is a small label founded in January 2018 by C.E.O. Dante Jones (AKA, Tae Jay) who is out…


TRU-G: A True Gangsta, A True G.O.A.T.

TRU-G is an artist out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Self-signed under the record label T.A.L.I….


Modesto Hip Hop Artist R47 drops ‘Lowkey’

‘Lowkey’ is a chill blend of R&B and Hip Hop that is nothing…


King Ant solidifies the rise of Smooth Jazz backed Hip Hop with ‘Glisten’

This style of Hip hop is rising in popularity among…


Donnie B. Brings Smooth Bedroom Vibes

Donnie B. Gotdabeats is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer. He has toured with The Game and Snoop Dogg and has been a…


High Marks for “High Hopes”

MistaPARADOX is a producer/rapper combo out of Houston, Texas. In an era of the game where everyone is gravitating to…