Hip Hop

Ingenious Execution of an ’80s Throwback

TekForce, an artist out of the Dallas, Texas area, is a child of the ’80s. He loves anime, video games, and is deeply…


Definitely Not Another Eminem

Ron Jon is a rapper in his late 20’s out of Grandville, Michigan. He recently released a project (August 2019) called, “I Got…


The Talent of GGR Brings Us Something Bright and Hopeful

GGR, or, “God’s Gift Records” is a small label founded in January 2018 by C.E.O. Dante Jones (AKA, Tae Jay) who is out…


Bringing Neo-Soul and Lyricism Back To The Game

Intellect is an artist from Pensacola, Florida, who has a rough go at things. He started out trying to play pro basketball and…


Chris Snakes: A Lyrically “KYLE-Type” Meets “Kendrick-Lite”

Chris Snakes, an artist who is classified as R&B but is more like hip hop-lite,…


TRU-G: A True Gangsta, A True G.O.A.T.

TRU-G is an artist out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Self-signed under the record label T.A.L.I….


Man Q: New From The South African Scene

Lately, I’ve been really excited to bring you new music from the South African scene as…


A Not-So-Bumpy Road Ahead For Bumpy 103

Bumpy 103 has been in the game awhile and has recently changed his sound quite a…


Modesto Hip Hop Artist R47 drops ‘Lowkey’

‘Lowkey’ is a chill blend of R&B and Hip Hop that is nothing…


LIFEBREAK and The Lil Joey Gang go hard with Emotional Autotune

Most autotune in 2019 is played out but LIFEBREAK’s remix of ‘All Girls Are the Same’ catches the attention with the EDM and…