Our Editor-in-Chief, hip hop artist Erinem, is a rapper, producer, lyricist, and an avid student of the game. Between working on her own musical projects, she takes the time to give back to those in the community who are doing the same thing. With new music reviews always in the works, Erinem continues to bring you the freshest talent, with artists who have crossed the various streaming platforms, and are begging to be discovered by a wider music audience. Every week, Erinem seeks out and delivers the latest sounds in hip hop. She carefully curates artists from the US and abroad in an attempt to bring new hip hop music to the main stage, and to shine a light on rappers and producers who are on the cusp of breaking through, or whose talent has somehow been overlooked amid the hoard of new artists emerging on online platforms everyday. Her reach extends from Philadelphia to San Diego, from South Carolina to South Africa, with artists coming in from remote towns in Georgia to her home city of Dallas. No stone is left unturned in Erinem's attempt to find the next rising star or to touch on the next rising controversy. Erinem wishes all artists to feel free to contact her on any of her social media, as she is always trying to stay an active participant in hip hop's culture and community. You can find her socials on this page.


In our present form, the Deposit writes new single and album reviews which tend to cover underground artists, and now including longer form editorials which cover both unsigned and mainstream artists alike. Soon, we will launch the Deposit 100, a comprehensive list of the top 100 independent hip hop artists in America.

Next, we will open the vault to our exclusive music video VLOG, where we go in-depth with the stylistic nuances of the hottest music videos in the world. Finally, in the Fall/Winter of 2019, The Deposit Radio will go live and feature 24/7 radio play with DJ's around the country serving up new music to the audience non-stop. Be prepared, we plan to break the record and nothing less in our attempt to change the music blog industry.


America's new generation of rising stars is begging for exposure in the hip hop community and beyond. The deposit blog has a mission to redefine what a music blog does for popular culture. The deposit blog is a publication rooted in the structure of a cypher. Hip Hop music, our foundation, is the core of self-expression of rising artists to the youth of America. The old school mentality held this genre as offensive and destructive, which we know today as false. The deposit blog is here to change the record and fine tune that mentality. While a generation of music listeners and artists that are tired of feeling distant from the powers that be. We aim to bridge the Gap between major music labels and the independent spirit of music creators, which is stronger than ever before. We are bringing music back to the people, exposing emerging talent from every corner of the earth.

We are young, we are hungry, we are vibrant. Simply put, WE ARE MUSIC!

Welcome to the Deposit, your music is available and ready for use.