The Talent of GGR Brings Us Something Bright and Hopeful

GGR, or, “God’s Gift Records” is a small label founded in January 2018 by C.E.O. Dante Jones (AKA, Tae Jay) who is out of San Antonio, Texas. He later teamed up with a lifelong friend out of the South Side of Chicago, BLOKK (AKA, A.V.E.) who is responsible for most of the label’s visuals and takes the second verse on this track. These two do it all, from making their own label to producing their own tracks, rapping on the verses, and creating the art that accompanies it. That is something I deeply respect and admire.

The song I will be reviewing today is their 2019 single, “BEAMIN’,” which exceeded all my expectations. The first thing I noticed is, this is song is unexcitedly exciting. The thing I was most pleasantly surprised to find was that, despite the fact it hits all the right notes to appeal to a modern audience, the lyricism is surprisingly on point, and both artists can hold their own on their respective verses. Tae Jay takes the hook and the first verse. The first thing I thought was, wow, he has a beautiful voice. He sing-raps without autotune on the verse, and the effect is magic. On the hook and intro though, his singing is heavily autotuned. The autotune works just fine, and I know it’s trendy, but he doesn’t need it. Tae Jay’s voice is so good I almost wish he had left it off, but, as I said before, it is keeping with the modern trend to use autotune, so I don’t blame him for doing it. Tae Jay’s style is kind of reminiscent of Post Malone, who also sing-raps. Most recently, the example of a popular artist in the same styling that comes to mind is Lizzo, who also sing-raps and hip hop loves her for it. A.V.E. is a force on the beat. He takes the second verse, and I immediately love what I’m hearing. He has some serious talent — they both do. A.V.E. has a Big Sean style cadence; specifically, the one Big Sean uses in “Detroit Vs. Everybody” and I’m a sucker for that style. Both of these artists just sound like money – like they should be making a killing in this industry. And I have no doubt as soon as their name crosses the right desk, that they will.

Let’s talk about the beat a little bit because it’s incredible. It reminds me of a classic, sophomore album Nicki Minaj track. The beat is just beautifully done. The intro swells and the mood builds, and the leads come on with a light-hearted, heavily sentimental fullness that makes you feel all the feels. The beat is heavily synth influenced, with a toy piano leading the high end. A synthesized choir vox echos in the background and the drum line builds mid-mix, creating excitement and anticipation. The whole mix is bright, exuberant, and hopeful. This is a song for the end of the first date, or for driving towards something grand, early in the morning. The way A.V.E. leads the downbeat as his verse begins is just the right build for the song. This also reminds me a little of B.O.B. in his song “Airplanes” with lots of bright, sparkling details and sentimental vibes. So often that sentimental feel in a song creates a sort of longing that can come off almost sad. The hopeful ballad is probably the hardest thing to create in terms of building a beat. But these guys absolutely nailed it.

This is a sweet song you want to hear with your girl, or you want to listen to as you drive off to better horizons. It’s emphatic, uplifting, deeply felt, and exceptionally well executed. Both artists divide and conquer on their respective verses, giving us something different to love in both. It’s just long enough to make me want to hear more, but it’s not another 2-minute track like hip hop has been favoring lately. I can hear this song playing at proms, being on everybody’s date-night playlist, and being the perfect song to drive to. With solid lyricism and downplayed heartfelt sentiment, all put to a bright and hopeful composition, it’s a breath of fresh air in the middle of today’s influx of nonsense songs. This is just enough to sink your teeth into, and lets you go just before it’s held on too long. G.G.R. is shaping up to be an exciting duo in the industry. Turning heads in the industry and tipping the notice of many heavy hitters in the game, these two are clearly on the cusp of exploding on to the scene. I think their window of being in the underground might be coming to a close, which is great because it just means so many more will be able to enjoy their talent. I look forward to watching them as their career grows and takes them to new heights. Keep your eyes on these two, for sure.